Zazenshin by Hongzhi Zhengjue

ZAZENSHIN or The acupuncture needle of Zazen
(which neither tonifies nor disperses)

The fundamental activity of all Buddhas
The active foundation of all Ancestors
Is knowing things – but not through contact
And illuminating conditions -but not through contrast.

The knowing that is not through contact
Is a subtle natural knowing,
The illumination not through contrast
Is a wondrous natural illumination.

This subtle natural knowing
Has ever been without discriminative thinking,
This wondrous natural illumination
Has never shown the slightest appearance.

This knowing without discriminative thinking
Is a wondrous unparalleled knowing,
This clarifying without the slightest appearance
Is an understanding without any ‘understanding’.

The water is clear right to the bottom,
Fish have yet to appear;
The sky is vast without end,
Birds hav flown far out of sight.