The Litany of the Great Compassionate One

Translation and rework from other translations for the purpose of making it gender-inclusive

Adoration to the Triple Treasure!

Here is Kanzeon, essence and being of compassion.

Peace is the One, far beyond all fear!

May I enter the heart of loving, great compassion.

Kanzeon’s life is the completion of meaning:

Pure, always leading to fulfillment,

Light on the path of all existence.

Seeing clearly, transcending the world –

Praise to the Bodhisattva’s work.

All is defilement, defilement, dust, earth,

Do, do the work within my heart.

O great Victor, I hold on, hold on,

Always towards you I shall turn.

Move, move, my defilement-free One,

Come, come, hear, hear, a joy springs up in me!

Speak, speak, give me direction!

Awakened, awakened, I have awakened!

O merciful One, compassionate One,

Most daring and most joyous One.

You always point to liberation!

Always lead us to enlightenment!

Peace is the One, who masters the discipline!

Joy is the One with the myriad faces!

Peace is the One, who holds the sword of Wisdom!

Joy is the One, with the Dharma Wheel in hand!

Peace is the One who lives the life of the Lotus!

Joy is the One, the root of all eternity!

Adoration to the Triple Treasure!

Noble Kanzeon, hear this my call!